Holy crap!  It’s a website! A presence on the web; an electronic representation of a personality.  Okay, don’t panic.  Just keep typing and maybe they’ll click on one of the tabs.  Still here?  Ah nuts.  Okay, so had I better explain.  Sometimes you get kicked in the reproductive organs and as Desmond Tutu once said, “When your dreams turn to dust, Vacuum!”.  So that humming sound in the background… that’s my vacuum.  This site is a little about me and my projects after eleven years of study and a great job.

So why the vacuum?  Well things don’t always turn out as you expect but I’m not vacuuming everything.  The good fluff can stay.  You’re good fluff.  So click a tab, contribute to the forums (when I migrate this to a different host) and share your experiences.  You never know, that one ‘Howdy’ might change your world… especially if you’ve flunked at something but have skills or experience that need a little spark: a friend to help you light the fire of invention and creativity.